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Make Your Rug Look New

Even though our name is Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning, we don’t just clean carpets. Our trained technicians can make your stained, discolored rugs look new again. They will determine the proper cleaning method for your particular rug and will clean it with care. The cleaning process at Heaven’s Best is eco-friendly and is safe for you and your family.

Heaven's Best is the top choice for rug cleaning because of our:

✔ Extensive experience with Persian and Oriental rugs.

✔ Flexibility - we can clean them in your home or take & return them.

✔ Solution that is tough on the dirt but not on your rug.

✔ Dry in an hour process.

Our Cleaning Process

There are many types of rugs, and they require different methods of cleaning. We have experience with all types of rugs, including Persian and Oriental rugs. With each rug we clean, we take great care to do so thoroughly and properly. When we clean your rugs, we can either clean it at your home or take it with us and bring it back after it is cleaned. In either case, your rug will be fresh and clean.

Before we clean your rug, we first examine what type of rug you have. Rug fibers are woven together differently depending on the rug type, so we examine how they are woven together. We also look at what kind of glue (if any) is used in the rug, the fabric type, the type of dye, etc. We do all this to ensure we use the correct cleaning method on your rug. When we clean your rugs, we use a similar technique as our carpet cleaning. Your rugs will be cleaned with the same care and expertise as your carpets!

The Heaven’s Best Guarantee

At Heaven’s Best, our first priority is customer satisfaction. We guarantee that your rug will be cared for properly by our trained technicians. We will remove any stains using our eco-friendly cleaner. Your rug will look new, vibrant, and smell great when we are done with it! You can trust us to care for your rug.

How You Can Care For Your Rugs

We recommend having your rugs professionally cleaned occasionally. Before sessions of having Heaven’s Best care for your rugs, there are some things you can do. These things will help your rugs look great for longer.

Just like carpets need to be vacuumed, rugs also need vacuuming. You should vacuum your rug weekly; this helps to prevent dirt and debris from going deeper into the fibers of the rug. Also, you should sweep beneath your rug regularly.

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